Complete Computer Solutions for Tampa Bay Area Automotive Dealerships

White Hat Info Tech is the only comprehensive IT solutions provider who specializes in the unique needs of automobile dealers.

Unlike other IT solutions providers, we understand YOU. We get the car business.  We know the unique challenges of working with DMS providers like CDK, Reynolds or AutoMate. We understand the challenges of working with OEM applications, like GM, FCA, FMC, Toyota, etc. We speak their language, and act as a liaison and advocate for you. From CRM to F&I, and from Service to Collision, we've got you covered.

We can support and administer all your network, server and phone systems, and provide you with 24/7 support when something goes wrong. We understand the importance of your business continuity, and we can develop systems and procedures to help you quickly recover from any emergency. We're experts in cybersecurity, with the knowledge and experience to keep you and your data safe from hackers.

Don't take an unnecessary risk with your business IT -- go with the automotive experts.