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White Hat (wít hât) n. A benevolent hacker who identifies a security weakness or bug in a computer system or network, but instead of taking malicious advantage of it, fixes the problem before it can be taken advantage of by others.

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Who we are: White Hat was founded in 2004 by Adrian Wyllie. Adrian started programming in 1983 on a Radio Shack TRS-80 with 8K of memory and a cassette tape drive.  He has been working with computers in various capacities ever since. Adrian is a third-generation Pinellas County native, and a decorated U.S. Army and Florida National Guard veteran. He is happily married with two sons, and spends his free time coaching youth sports and canoeing Florida's rivers and wetlands with his family.

Our technicians have over 80 years of combined experience in all aspects of computer hardware, software, networking, and related systems. They have served as an IT managers, webmasters, "hired gun" programmers, network system administrators, database developers, and "white hat" hackers. They have intuitive system diagnostic skills, and can come up with creative, cost-effective solutions to complex computer challenges.

Success Story: A small, high-tech manufacturing company for the defense and aerospace industry had been expanding, and had experienced severe IT growing pains. When we first arrived, there were several people fighting for time on the company's only workstation computer. After productive consultations with the officers of the company, we were able to determine their IT needs, and design and implement a complete solution with room to grow...all within a very conservative budget.

Today, their business has grown over 450%, and all 30 of their employees have secure and instant access to the appropriate customer, accounting, engineering, operations, production, test lab, and shipping data. They have a fool-proof, custom-built software suite, a hacker-proof network, and a disaster-proof automated backup system. Management now has access to all forms of real-time metrics and report data, so they can quickly make the right business decisions.

Success Story: A highly-successful local car dealership with over 100 employees was constantly having problems with everything from data availability to Internet crashes to complete system failures. When we arrived, we analyzed their computer network and systems from top-to-bottom, and asked the management what their goals and expectations were. We developed and implemented a comprehensive plan to completely re-design the entire network and replace many of the obsolete or ineffective systems in place.

Today, the dealership utilizes a robust, high-speed network, consisting of integrated Ethernet, serial, secure wireless, frame relay, and VPN segments. They can effortlessly communicate between remote buildings on-site, exchange data with auto manufacturer's servers in other states, and management has secure remote access to the system from anywhere in the world. Their data is safeguarded by a redundant, automated disaster recovery system and secured by properly configured user authentication and multi-layer security zones. All of this is virtually transparent to the users as they operate in a standard Windows environment. And, because of our holistic approach to enterprise system design, all of these systems require only 10-15 hours per week to properly manage.

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